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A Bronx native, Richard Martin Traub was raised in Hicksville, New York and educated at New York University. After Vietnam service aboard the USS New Jersey, Mr. Traub began his photographic apprenticeship under the tutelage of Mr. Cyril Mipas. Mr. Mipas had spent years in the company of Ansel Adams and Mr. Minor White. 


Mr. Traub’s exposure to the world of photography segued from his work with Mr. Mipas into the Dye Transfer Technique, where he studied under the master craftsman, Mr. Frank Tartaro. After years spent on Madison Avenue as a Dye Transfer Department Manager, Mr. Traub had the opportunity to be associated with and to produce the images of Ernst Haas, Eliot Porter, Pete Turner, Jay Maisel, and Eric Meola.


From Madison Avenue, Mr. Traub was invited to relocate to Paris to join the Ateliers Jan Jac, where he taught the dye transfer techniques to his French colleagues. Three years later, upon his return to New York, Mr. Traub expanded his creative photographic efforts, which resulted in the  images displayed here, that are now produced digitally and available in GiClee format.